Coronavirus Outbreak: Transmission & Updates Explained

Coronavirus outbreak, transmission, and pathophysiology illustrated clearly by pulmonologist Dr. Seheult.

Coronavirus Pandemic: Remdesivir COVID-19 Treatment Update

COVID-19 Update 64 with critical care specialist and pulmonologist Roger Seheult, MD on Remdesivir treatment trial updates. Dr. Seheult breaks down two studies on remdesivir that were released yesterday. One remdesivir study was published in the Lancet (the study was conducted in China) and the other was published by the NIH (the study was conducted in the United States). The results of these studies on remdesivir coronavirus treatment vs placebo were dramatically different.

Coronavirus Pandemic Update: COVID-19 Blood Clots – Race, Blood Types, & Von Willebrand Factor

After an update of global coronavirus infections and deaths, Dr. Seheult continues his review of journals and illustrates more of the possible pathway for blood clot (thrombosis) formation in COVID-19. See how oxidative stress of the endothelium (lining of the blood vessels), Von Willebrand factor, racial differences, and blood types may have a significant effect on COVID-19 severity and fatality rates.

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