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How Does the Stock Market Work?

Investing in the stock market can seem like a scary prospect for a generation of young adults that have 2 cents in their pocket and a 100,000 dollar loan for a degree they don’t use. But when it’s done right, you can take that 2 cents, turn it into three cents, and well, that’s more than you had yesterday – and isn’t that the goal? In all seriousness, the stock market is often perceived as a big scary abyss of money that eats unsuspecting investors alive and is the path to a magnitude of wealth for those that understand it. While those perceptions can be true, understanding the stock market and succeeding in making money with it is far easier than you might expect. In order to understand the stock market, let’s take a look at all of its facets.

How does the stock market work? – Oliver Elfenbaum

In the 1600s, the Dutch East India Company employed hundreds of ships to trade goods around the globe. In order to fund their voyages, the company turned to private citizens to invest money to support trips in exchange for a share of the profits. In doing so, they unknowingly invented the world’s first stock market. So how do companies and investors use the market today? Oliver Elfenbaum explains.

Warren Buffett: Investment Advice & Strategy

He’s the chairman, CEO and largest shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway. He’s the most successful investor in the world. He’s consistently ranked among the world’s wealthiest people. (He has an estimated net worth of $68.2 billion)


This video presents the 5 greatest takeaways from Benjamin Graham’s classic, The Intelligent Investor. This is value investing at its greatest.

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